Lewis & Wilko go for glory!

Jun 17th, 2017


BOTH Lewis Kerr and Carl Wilkinson will line-up in the British Final at Belle Vue’s National Speedway stadium on Monday evening (July 19th).

FULL LINE-UP: 1. Carl Wilkinson (Scunthorpe), 2. Danny King (Leicester/Ipswich), 3. Ben Barker (Redcar), 4. Jason Garrity (Leicester/Redcar), 5. Lewis Rose (King’s Lynn/Newcastle), 6. Kyle Howarth (Wolverhampton/Sheffield), 7. Lewis Kerr (Somerset/Scunthorpe), 8. Chris Harris (Rye House/Peterborough), 9. Steve Worrall (Belle Vue/Newcastle), 10. Richard Lawson (Somerset/Glasgow), 11. Paul Starke (Peterborough), 12. Stuart Robson (Rye House), 13. Richie Worrall (Glasgow), 14. Craig Cook (Belle Vue/Workington), 15. Scott Nicholls (Rye House), 16. Rory Schlein (Wolverhampton/Ipswich).

POST-MEETING UPDATE: Both Lewis (5 points) and Wilko (failed to score) were out of luck in the meeting, although Lewis Kerr was the only rider to defeat new British Champion Craig Cook on the night.

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