Scorpions’ statement of intent

Nov 22nd, 2017




GREAT BRITAIN World Cup star Steve Worrall will be the No 1 for a new-look Scunthorpe Scorpions side in 2018, which is set to take the Championship by storm.

Scorpions have also swooped for thrill-merchant Jason Garrity, another top rider at Championship level, and brought back Stefan Nielsen, who looked a massive trump card in 2017, before injury ended his season.

With Josh Auty and Jake Allen already named earlier in the week, Scorpions have a formidable top five in place for 2018, with 7.54 still available for the two reserve positions.

In fact, it’s probably the strongest top five to have ever started a season for Scunthorpe – and that includes the 2012 Premier League winning side.

Steve Worrall started his career at Scunthorpe, and won the National League with the club in 2011. Since then, his clubs have included Belle Vue, Newcastle and Edinburgh, and he’s developed into one of the best riders in the Championship. His Green Sheet average is 9.13.

In 2017, he was the most impressive British rider in the World Cup Final in Leszno, Poland, scoring six points and defeating the likes of Freddie Lindgren and Andreas Jonsson. He also finished second in the British Final at Belle Vue.

Garrity is another class act. He’s perhaps best-known for a three-year spell with top-flight Coventry, and is a former British Under-19 Champion.

He comes in on an average of 7.32, obtained at Redcar in 2017, although his average at Sheffield in 2016 was over a point higher.

Nielsen, like Worrall, won the National League championship with Scunthorpe Saints in 2011. He won the British Under-19 Championship in both 2012 and 2013, and he has a British mother and a Danish father.

He scored 10+2 in his first meeting for Scorpions in 2017, but then badly broke his collarbone in his second meeting (at Ipswich), and missed the rest of the season. His average is 5.53.

Scunthorpe promoter Rob Godfrey says: “Everyone can see the top five that we’ve signed and it’s a statement of intent.

“Steve Worrall will be a familiar face to our long-term fans, and we’ve always remained on good terms with him.

“We welcome him back to Scunthorpe as a World Cup hero and an out-and-out No 1, and I think he may well top the averages in the Championship next season.

“Jason Garrity is also a top performer at Championship level. He’s an exciting rider to watch, and he always scores well around the Eddie Wright Raceway. I’m delighted to welcome Jason to Scunthorpe.

“We briefly saw what Stefan Nielsen was capable of last season, before he was injured, and he’s likely to make a mockery of his average of 5.53. He loves it around Scunthorpe, but he’s not just a one-track pony and he’ll score well away from home as well.

“I admit that maybe I was too loyal to some of my riders over the last few seasons. I’ve taken that criticism from supporters onboard, and next year, we’ll have a number of fresh faces who can (a) entertain and (b) win us meetings.

“Make no mistake, we mean business in the Championship in 2018 – we’re going to give it our best go.”

Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018 so far (with starting averages):
Steve Worrall (9.13)
Jason Garrity (7.32)
Josh Auty (6.90)
Jake Allen (6.08)
Stefan Nielsen (5.53)

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