2018 Scorpions fixtures & results

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Home fixtures in BOLD and CAPITALS


Sunday April 1 HOME EDINBURGH Champ 3pm  Rain off
Sunday April 1 HOME BRITISH YOUTH  CHAMPIONSHIP(125cc class) Individual Follows above  Rain off
Friday April 6 HOME REDCAR Shield 7.30pm  W58-32
Thursday April 12 Away Redcar Shield  Rain off
Friday April 13 HOME NEWCASTLE Shield 7.30pm  Rain off
Sunday April 15 Away Newcastle Shield  L44-46
Thursday April 19 Away Sheffield Shield  L38-52
Friday April 20 HOME SHEFFIELD Shield 7.30pm  W49-41
Saturday April 28 HOME BRITISH AMATEUR CHAMPIONSHIPS – DAY ONE Individual 11am Rain off
Sunday April 29 HOME BRITISH AMATEUR CHAMPIONSHIPS – DAY TWO Individual 11am Result
Thursday May 3 Away Redcar Shield  W54-36
Friday May 4 HOME REDCAR Champ 7.30pm  W65-25
Friday May 11 HOME NEWCASTLE Shield 7.30pm  W50-40
Friday May 18 HOME WORKINGTON Champ 7.30pm  W54-36
Friday May 25 HOME LAKESIDE Champ 7.30pm  Rain off
Friday June 1 Away Glasgow Champ  L36-54
Friday June 8 HOME NEWCASTLE Champ 7.30pm  W50-40
Friday June 15 HOME PETERBOROUGH Champ 7.30pm  L40-50
Friday June 22 HOME LAKESIDE Champ 7.30pm  L44-45
Saturday June 23 Away Lakeside Champ  L29-61
Thursday June 28 Away Sheffield KOC  L39-51
Friday June 29 HOME SHEFFIELD KOC 7.30pm  W56-34
Thursday July 5 Away Redcar Champ  L38-52
Sunday July 8 HOME EDINBURGH Champ 6.30pm  W53-37
Saturday July 13 Away Peterborough Champ  L42-48
Sunday July 14 Away Berwick Champ  L36-54
Sunday July 22 HOME GLASGOW Champ 5pm  W46-44
Sunday July 22 HOME BRITISH YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP (500cc / 250cc classes) Champ Follows above Thompson & Ablitt
Friday July 27 HOME SHEFFIELD Champ 7.30pm  Rain off
Thursday August 2 Away Sheffield Champ  W53-37
Friday August 3 Away Edinburgh Champ  L25-65
Sunday August 5 Away Workington Champ  L38-52
Friday August 17 HOME BERWICK Champ 7.30pm  D45-45
Friday August 24 HOME IPSWICH Champ 7.30pm  L30-59
Thursday August 30 Away Ipswich Champ  L38-51
Friday August 31 HOME SHEFFIELD Champ 7.30pm  W46-44
Friday September 7 HOME WORKINGTON Shield semi-final 7.30pm  D45-45
Sunday September 9 Away Newcastle Champ  W46-42
Saturday September 22 Away Workington Shield semi-final  
Friday September 28 HOME RESERVED   7.30pm
Friday October  5 HOME RESERVED 7.30pm
Friday October  12 HOME RESERVED 7.30pm
Friday October 19 HOME RESERVED 7.30pm
Friday October 26 HOME RESERVED 7.30pm


TBA: Peterborough or Ipswich, home and away, in Knockout Cup semi-final.

KEY: Champ = SGB Championship, Shield = Championship Shield, KOC = Knockout Cup.

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